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Professional coaching

If you're looking to make changes, or need to make them but are lacking the courage, then a coach may be just the person to help you. Change means many things to many people... it can be an adventurous, exciting, fun, intense, confrontational, personal, mind-broadening, beneficial process. Wherever change takes you, a good coach will accompany you along this path.


Coaching can help you find answers to the following questions:

  • What do I still need to learn? What behaviour patterns do I need to change? And which character traits?
  • How can I gain a deeper understanding of the interaction between my core qualities and my pitfalls? How can I learn to appreciate my positive traits and can I deal with my negative traits in a more constructive way?
  • How can I build greater self-esteem and self-confidence?
  • How can I become more assertive and empathic? How can I increase my emotional quotient?
  • How can I deal with stress more effectively? How can I avoid or prevent a burnout? Or what can I learn from my burnout and how can I apply these lessons?
  • How do I communicate verbally and non-verbally? And what effect does this have on others? What can I improve? And how do I achieve this?
  • How can I become a better leader? How can I achieve the desired results with my team in an agreeable fashion?

What can you expect from me as a professional coach?

I can help you gain a deeper insight into who you are. I do so by providing feedback about the way you present yourself verbally and non-verbally, and the way you listen, think and feel.
Not only can I help you understand your learning needs better, but I can actually help you experience them first-hand.
I provide concepts and models that allow you to comprehend fully what it is you need to change and how to achieve this. During each coaching session, I write a report and give you assignments and reading material that relate to the topics we discussed during the session.
It's my aim to take a positive, understanding and constructive approach. I mirror you in order to help you look at yourself more honestly and openly. Together we'll celebrate your countless talents and your potential to develop these talents still further.


"I mirror you in order to help you look at yourself more honestly and openly."

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Charles is simply a master coach…

"I've known Charles Begheyn for many years now. He's a coach with many talents. He's able to coach managers from all walks of life and help them grow and develop. He helped me when I was starting out as a manager and facing my first ups and downs in the job.
Charles' practical exercises and conceptual insights enabled me to grow as a manager within a very short space of time. He's also able to apply a more individually focused approach. After all, managers are only human and face all sorts of challenges in their personal lives as well.
Charles is a coach who also opens himself up to you, revealing his own personal vulnerabilities. This helps you find the trust and, in turn, the courage you'll need to work on the issues that really matter to you.
He's simply a master coach!"

Ronald Aerts

Interim Dean of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

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