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Career Coaching

Candidly asking yourself what it is you really want, what inspires you and what motivates you in your career can be a highly rewarding adventure. Finding the courage to ask yourself these questions and act on them may sound simple enough, but it can be very difficult in practice. Openly examining the obstacles on your path and clearing these aside will help you start moving forward in the right direction. Knowing what you have to offer and what inspires you can be an effective catalyst for sustaining you through this challenging process.


Career coaching can help you find answers to the following questions:


  • Where am I right now on my career path? How satisfied or dissatisfied am I with my progress? What significance does this have for me?


  • What kind of work do I really want and under what terms?What kind of organization would I like to work for? Or am I better suited to being self-employed?


  • What inspires me and what gives me true satisfaction? What can I do to make a meaningful contribution and how?


  • What internal and external obstacles will I face along this path? And how can I clear the stumbling blocks that are holding me back?
  • How can I take effective action? What can I do to take the first step?

What can you expect from me as a career coach?

First and foremost, you can count on my enthusiasm, because you've already made the decision to take action. I can help you experience just how many talents you have and how you can break out of your comfort zone. I'll give a few simple, but extremely effective concepts to help you grasp what is truly important to you in your career.
We'll analyse where you are right now on your career path using tools such as career games. And I'll also help you identify your inner resistance and self-sabotage mechanisms that stop you doing the things you really want to do. A combination of investigation, experimentation and action will help you take your first resolute and adventurous steps along your new career path. You'll start doing what you've been wanting to do for so long, and perhaps even surprise and astonish yourself along the way!


"You've got so many talents – you can 'design' your career the way you always imagined it would be!"

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Confidence, Reflection & Knowledge

"When I think about the career coaching I receive from Charles, the first words that spring to mind are confidence, reflection and knowledge.
Confidence because Charles has the innate ability to instil confidence, be it in the process itself or more importantly in myself. He intuitively senses my true needs and points me smoothly and effortlessly in the right direction. Charles has a warm personality and sets a good example to me on a continuous basis.
Reflection because he has so many ways to mirror me. Sometimes, he helps and guides me towards the answers. But more often, he simply allows me to see what I already knew and what I wasn't willing or able to admit.
Knowledge because Charles has an unprecedented understanding of people, models, systems, psychology and much, much more. Charles never ceases to astonish me each time he provides a new insight based on yet another new model or yet another experience.
I've referred several people to Charles who also receive his coaching. If you're in need of reflection and direction, and you have the courage to be totally honest with yourself, then I'd refer you to Charles without a moment's hesitation."

Martijn Mevissen

Consultant, GetYessed and former Supply Chain Manager, Etos

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