"We cannot Solve our Problems with the same Thinking we used

when we Created them" Albert Einstein

Coaching for a more successful life

Coaching can help you change your personal attitudes, behaviours and communication – improving the way you influence and interact with your colleagues, your team and your organization as a whole. This can help you perform better and achieve greater success.

Coaching forces you to confront and examine the underlying driving forces that control your behaviour patterns. It helps you direct your thought processes more positively and achieve a healthier emotional balance.

You'll also learn how to create and switch effortlessly between states of high motivation, and more subdued levels of release and relaxation. You'll notice how being able to do this makes you feel much better, and you'll start experiencing moments of true happiness more and more often.

What you can achieve with coaching? It can help you...


    Like many others, you find leadership to be rewarding, but tough going. In general, things are going well, but you keep stumbling into the same pitfalls. Perhaps being overly dominant or overly eager to please? If this is beginning to bother you, then seek a coach who can help you break free from these old behaviour patterns.


    You wouldn't be the first to feel down or overwhelmed by the pressures of work and/or life in general. For many people, the dilemma is a desire to change, but an inability or a lack of courage to effect this change. If you've come to the realization that this is something you can't resolve on your own, then a coach can help you take the leap.


    It can be difficult to admit to yourself that you're simply not enjoying your job as much as you once used to, or your company is becoming less appealing. If you'd like to discover why this is happening and rekindle the satisfaction you once had in your work, then a coach can help you explore what factors are at play.


    Slaving away in your own business can be tough going. Many business owners dream of having more time for themselves. Others dream of being able to live and work more closely in tune with their true identity. Your situation may be complex. If you'd like to unravel this complexity, then a coach can help you reflect on your situation.


    Does your manager expect you to change and develop the skills to deal with difficult situations more effectively? Perhaps he or she has even suggested coaching? Coaching can indeed help you get a better handle on yourself and deal with the challenges you face in your work.


    Tedious team meetings that drag on forever, endless discussions, zero action. Colleagues who shirk responsibilities and only grumble, complain and gossip... sound familiar? It's time to hire a professional trainer to deal with all this negative energy.


Charles Begheyn

Charles Begheyn has worked for numerous leading organizations such as ABN AMRO, Ahold, De Bijenkorf, DSM, Heineken, HEMA, ING, KPN and Shell, as well as countless smaller, lesser-known companies. Charles is often asked to support change processes as part of corporate restructuring or cultural change, and to give team-building and personal effectiveness workshops. He also works outside the Netherlands, principally in Germany, Switzerland and the Far East.


"Are you going to continue as you always have or are you going to take action?"

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Charles helps me stay true to myself…

"Charles has been my coach for almost ten years now. He's really helped me stay true to myself and deal more effectively with difficult bosses and colleagues, especially during challenging periods in my career, i.e. the troughs. Even when celebrating the peaks, he succeeds in motivating and challenging me again and again, preventing me from becoming too complacent."

Bert Jan Grootes 

General Manager, Mouterij Albert (Belgium)

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